Re: Annapolis Boat Show

Gary Wells

Well, we just weren't certain that we would actually be able to return to the Annapolis area in time for anything, but the good part of having been chased away from Nova Scotia by a hurricane is that our timing worked out after all.
That, and the new grandbaby factor worked out just right.

Adagio is in Galesville and we are planning on getting plugged in to as many events as we can. Between the boat show itself, Amel owner events, OCC and SSCA events and catching up.with local friends October is promising to be a very busy month indeed!  

I don't think we will bring Adagio to the Annapolis anchorage but rather will stay on the dock here in Galesville and drive up.

Of course, we'd love to host a couple of "soon-to-be" or "olde-time" friends aboard but I don't think we can do a 'party' or 'gathering' thing this far away from the show. We could definitely arrange for afternoon or evening visits tho. 

Now, it's time re-read all the posts about the goings-on of the Amel crowd and see what we can attend!  ..  (should someone warn the authorities about all this? :) )

It's good to be back in 'home' waters and I look forward to getting connected/re-connected when the chance occurs!  

Gary W.
SM209, Adagio
Galesville, MD

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