Re: 12V supply near 24V panel on Amel 54

Arno Luijten

Hi Thomas,

No there is not. I actually mounted one of those DC-DC (24-12 Volt) converters on the inside wall where the fresh water gauge sits on the other side (inside the locker below the ceiling). I put a small DC-distribution thing with fuses next to it and a negative busbar to supply all kind of stuff that I put there.
It is supplied via the big 24 Volt point that sits at the bottom of the locker.
Originally there was a DC-DC (24-24 Volt) converter there used to dim the cabin lights but that did not work anymore because of the LED light replacement. So I also replaced the dimmer button with a push button that now operates the engine-bay illumination so you can light up the engine-bay before entering it.
The feed cable form the engine-bay lights can be isolated from the other lights at the circuit-breaker switch for the "middle of the boat" lights.


SV Luna,

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