Re: 12V supply near 24V panel on Amel 54

Mark Pitt

I use the Anker PowerDrive 5 USB chargers with 5 ports and 24  volt capabiliiy (actually 12-30 volts).  They come with a 2 foot wire connecting the charger and cigarette plug so it reaches further.  I am not sure if there are sold any longer.  But Jelley Comb has a 6 port charger with the same input voltages on Amazon for $12.74.


"Sabbatical III" SM419, Wickford, Rhode Island

On 10/3/2019 12:54 PM, Matt Salatino via Groups.Io wrote:
We found these, that work on 12 or 24 volt input (8-30).
The lowest price I saw was on eBay.


On Oct 3, 2019, at 12:11 PM, Mark Pitt <mark_pitt@...> wrote:

I often hang a light-sensitive David Megalight 6 feet above the cockpit while at anchor.  I provide the 12 volts required with this item from Amazon:

"24V to 12V Step Down Converter,60W 5A BUENNUS 24V DC to DC 12V Power Transformer Turn 24V Trucks Cigarette Lighter Male Plug to 12V Female Socket Adapter for 12V" ($25.99)

This step down converter has a 24V male cigarette lighter (banana) plug an one end and a 12 volt female cigarette lighter plug at the other.  You can cut off the male end and replace it with an Italian 3-pin Type L plug so it fits into the fan outlets and the outlets at the nav station and adjacent to the companionway stairs.  I just use a Italian 3-pin to cigarette lighter pig tail that I made up.  With this I can use 12 volt accessories anywhere in the boat where there is a 24 volt outlet.

Mark Pitt
"Sabbatical III" SM419, Wickford, Rhode Island

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