Re: No steering parts, rack & pinion, cables, from Amel

Jean-Pierre Massicotte

Hello we had same problem in New Zealand on our Santorin #52 1992 with the same system.rack and pignon is the same just cable length is longer for SM. Your cables are probably ok, but the racks at least one of them must be damage!

Dismantling the system was not hard, take pics along the way helps. Worst case scenario have a new rack machine in a shop base on the remaining good one.

This is troubling that they don't want to help, over 300 boats are equip with this system and those parts are subject to wear and tear 
Over the years specially with a rotary drive autopilot.

We pressure Amel at the time to make a special order! Will look further to try to give you manufacturer and ref. Part number.

Sorry for my very bad English, write to my email address and will respond directly.


JP Massicotte
S/V Vanille, Jacare Brésil

On Fri., Oct. 4, 2019, 11:05 Eamonn Washington, <eamonn.washington@...> wrote:

Steering to port is harder than steering to starboard on my SM.  I cleaned the rudder, checked for loose steering cables, and they seem to be OK.  I do sometimes hear a quiet metallic clunk when the autopilot makes small steering adjustments, in addition to the normal noise from the rack and pinion system.  I read the articles in this forum, especially what happened to Aloha, and the files section for pictures.  Finally I decided I should replace the steering cables and the rack and pinion system to be on the safe side.

Here is the problem.  Amel do not have the parts anymore.  They do not intend to make them anymore.  I asked for the specifications but instead was told they might make something to convert my system to hydraulics, when they have time.

I would prefer to replace the worn (I assume) rack and pinion system.  I never opened it up, since I read it is difficult in the forum, and I was hoping that I could replace the parts at the same time.  I am not keen in changing to hydraulics, I am not sure what that would entail.

Does anyone have the specifications for the rack and pinion system, and the steering cables?  Do you know if Amel actually made them or subcontracted the work to another company?

I have the Rotary drive unit connected with a chain to the sprocket behind the steering wheel.  I replaced the autopilot with the Raymarine evolution 400 package 3 years ago. I do not have a second autopilot.  I have a spare rotary drive unit (would this work with hydraulic steering?).

Eamonn Washington
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