Re: No steering parts, rack & pinion, cables, from Amel

Eamonn Washington

Hi Bill

i only had written contact with Sonja Kessler at amel dot med at amel dot com.  She has managed all my purchases over the past 5 years.  She did write that she confirmed with La Rochelle before replying to me.  I can forward you the email chain privately if you wish.  I did not contact Ultraflex or any other company, besides this forum.

I agree, it is very un-Amel to suggest switching to a hydraulic system:   “ I’m sorry, Amel have unfortunately  none of these parts any more,  I have asked confirmation from my colleagues in La Rochelle.” and  “I think we have found a craftsman who is able to change the system for a hydraulic one. This the only idea we have, since there are no parts available any more.”.

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