Mizzen furler

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all, 

Likemany of you i have found the mizzen manual furler at times to be very stiff to operate, to the extent of fearing damage, I have a strong arm.😁 Now it is incredibly free. I can unfurl it by simply pulling the out haul line, easy as. It also rolls up with no effort at all. No I haven't done a gear box overhaul. I thoroughly washed the gearbox with fresh water, down the furler extrusion and also into the input shaft. Then I dropped the sail and rinsed the spinner at the top thoroughly. Also washed the outhaul turning block bearing surface, another salt collection point.  Waited for all to dry most of the day and sprayed silicone liberally.

Results phenomonal. I have siliconed the gear box before and the spinner (rarely) but not both together. My best guess is salt encrusting of the spinner rollers was causing the friction. Whatever, result is great. I encourage you all to try it. Do all the points

Kind Regards


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