Re: Lighting strike vs insurance [Amel Yacht Owners] Maramu - Main Mast Grounding / Bonding

Jeroen jeltes

is this topic still active ?? Since this topic is several years past, and situations might have changed including insurance companies, i like to bring it up again .

Dear Olivier and Biil and all forum members. 

We are owner of Fidelis  A54 2009 and surveyed by Olivier in April 2018.

We recently changed insurance company because our previous insurers had no ocean going vessel experience.

Now we have Panteanius who seem to be professional and experienced and have some good recommendations,  yet..

On the policy( september 2019)  is a special reservation which excludes damage on electrical systems and navigatinal equipment caused by

lightningstrike , if there is no special system to prevent this damage !

The question is, would the existing bonding system be accepted te prevent damage  by lighting strike ?

Have yacht owners added new systems now insurance companies seem to reduce their risk ?

comment welcome.

Jeroen Jeltes

sv Fidelis A54

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