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Mark Erdos

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I am of the mindset, the simpler the better. We made this companionway screen for Cream Puff from scraps we had left from a full cockpit screen enclosure we made. Some places we have visited were quite buggy and having the cockpit screened in allowed us to still enjoy the topside without applying massive amounts of insect repellant. Pics of the full enclosure can be seen here:


The companionway screen stays up almost all of the time when we are not sailing. It is constructed of pet-proof screen (available at most hardware stores. The screen is fastened with two snaps at the top corners. We sewed a vinyl border on to stiffen the screen. In the lower hem is a PVC pipe filled with sand to weight it. It is very easy to flip up out of the way when wishing to exit the interior of the boat. Works like a charm. The screen also give us some privacy below when stern in at a marina.





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