Re: Staysail on a Super Maramu

Paul Osterberg

We had a stay sail installed a few years ago in Turkey. Olivier had a look t it and had nothing negative to say about the installation. However the cut on the jib it self was not good. This year when our heard sail swivel broke down, it was a great advantage to have the stay sail. The same when our Genoa started to delaminate and falling apart on the way to the Azores, from Bermuda again it was great to have a stay sail. It will save on your genoa who will not need to be deployed in have weather up wind sailing. I do not find the stay sail to be an obstacle when tacking. First if going up wind we do not tack very often from 30 minutes to maybe 3 hours between the tack. Second we furl in ca 50 % of the Genua during the tack which we did even before we had the stay sail.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

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