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eric freedman

HI Joel,

I believe I have the drawing you are referring to.

If I remember it had a strop around the mast at the upper spreader—not for me.

How are you and Vela?

Fair Winds


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Hi Eric and I can confirm that the Amel folks in Martinique are correct and Amel never delivered a SM 53 with a staysail installed by the yard. They almost did once but decided at the last moment not to. After delivery, the boat was taken to a local rigger who installed a staysail. I was peripherally familiar with this sequence of events.

As you know, Jacques Carteau who was Amel’s technical manager/chief engineer-designer as well as a reluctant CEO on two separate occasions. His job was to take Captain Amel’s thoughts and do the engineering and then work with the production manager to be sure the boats were built properly.

Mr. Carteau encouraged my curiosity about all things Amel and spent quite some time with me over the years to answer all my questions so I could better inform my Amel customers about all the special and unique features which made Amel boats so desirable for serious offshore adventuring.

Mr. Carteau once explained why he would not install a staysail on a Super Maramu. When I gently but insistently told him that a staysail would enhance the boat both from a performance as well as a safety standpoint, he actually drew me a drawing showing what he said was the only correct way to install a staysail but urged me not to do so.

I have written about this in these spaces before and perhaps someone could dig my staysail install instructions out of the archives. If not, I could do it once again if anyone is interested.

Most of the Amel staysail installs I have seen were done incorrectly and apply serious loads into components that were never designed for such loading, according to what Mr. Carteau showed and told me.


Have Fun With Your Amel, Joel    



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Hi Amelians,

I have been speaking with Amel Martinique. They say they never delivered a Super Maramu with a Staysail.

I believe a number of you have had them installed when the boat was manufactured.

If you have a factory (LA Rochelle) installed please contact me.

Fair Winds


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