Re: Polar Files for Amel 54

Alexander Hofmann

Hi Scott,
thanks a lot, very helpful!!!
If you navigate with TZ Navigator (former MaxSea), do you have the similar Polar Data stored for navigation (under "Polar" in the main menue line at the top of the screen)?
If not I can do this manually also.
Have had a look on your website. Like very much of your concept of sustainable travel. Gives me new ideas and insights. I do this on my SY Oceanica I Amel54#156 with 2/3 energy autonomy on anchor and 100% while sailing long distance via solar, 2 wind-gens and 1 hydro-gen Watt&Sea, and in my business, with a lot of success. Sustainability and and environmental and climate protection is THE road to success, also in economics, if you do it right and long-terms. Bravo for your concept!!!
Fair winds

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