Re: Polar Files for Amel 54

Scott SV Tengah

Thanks Alex, we do need to update the page more often, but Tengah keeps us busy. :)

Aside from the Furuno VX2, we use OpenCPN to navigate. They do have some weather routing plugin but I haven't messed around with it. Be interested to hear if you can use the polar file and if it's helpful.  I think the forum downsizes attachments quite a bit, so if you need a higher Rez version of the polars, message me privately.

That's great that you have those additional renewable sources. I'm jealous. I keep hearing conflicting things about the desirability of windgens but it seems you're pretty happy with yours. I did a round the world overland about a decade ago and after calculating my impact during that trip, I made a promise to make this go around a little less environmentally damaging. Glad to see you're well on your way there!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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