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Paul Brown

G’day Scott 

We have the same set up on our 55 and it’s a great Gennika sail and furler unit. We find we can run up to 16knots true with no issue and she really moves us along, but it does helps motoring down wind when you need to furl in... We have had it up to 22knots true, though not by choice and find it a little tougher to furl in, but by motoring down wind at around 7knots at 150 degrees it is manageable at 22 knots true if the situation arises.. it does work so well and very handy between 50-150deg in light winds we find, it’s our favourite sail.

You should hang onto it as a spare perhaps.

I’m not sure if you’re sail would work on a 55 but I would like it as a spare if you don’t sell it along the way 

Regards Paul - Fortuna II 55/17

On 8 Oct 2019, at 6:44 pm, Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

We didn't have many photos since we don't use it much because it overlaps with our code zero.

We got the gennaker up on our last trip and took some more photos. As mentioned, there are some dirty spots that could use some washing. We used it at 180degrees apparent, but that was because we're in the Chesapeake now and there's little swell. Usually we use it from 50-130 apparent or so.

Of course it fits an A54 perfectly. It appears that SM owners should have a small bowsprit made due to the size.  I understand Eric of Kimberlite had one made for his far larger gennaker and it works well. You can see in one of the photos how I attach it on my A54 - right to the bow roller.

We're in Annapolis for the boat show for the next week or so and then leaving the US for the Caribbean after Nov 1. My friends over at Quantum have stated that they can help me ship it and they stated it won't be too expensive, for what that's worth! 

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