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Patrick McAneny

Gary, I was able to reserve a table for 16, and 17 signed up for that table  a week or so ago. Since then Aras contacted Mangia and was able to reserve a table for four or six I think , they may hold the top floor for us ,as it is not too big. So I think there will be a seat for every .... 
Funny, when I suggested to another couple of owners to get together for diner ,I expected four to six. It now looks like over 20 . Same thing happened with the Chesapeake  Bay Rendezvous. Birds of a feather ...
See ya there,
Pat & Diane
SM Shenanigans

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*** EDIT***  We have another couple coming to join us so the table is full. :)

Really late in the game here but Robin and I will be able to attend the big event.  Even though the restaurant said their reservations were "maxed out" once I dropped the "Amel" name I got put on hold, then I got told I'd get a call back and in fact they let us have a table at 7:00 P.M.
Better late than never :)

~AND~ it's a table for four so if there is another couple wanting seats let me know and you are welcome to join us. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Gary & Robin

SM 209, Adagio
Galesville, MD

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