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This is the diagram I have





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our bow thruster suddenly decided it would not  come up. The electric motor was fine, everything was connected.  I got a local mechanic to come in and he repaired the bow thruster in his workshop.  He said that there was a rod about 20cm long with a screw thread that had completely worn out, so he made a new screw thread.

The problem appears now to be that he made the new thread the wrong way around.  We figured out by experimentation that if we switched wires 3 and 6 in the little control box that the bow thruster up and down movement worked perfectly.  However the sideways movement stopped working, so that is no good.

Does anyone know the wiring diagram of this little control box in the fore cabin on the bow thruster?  I would love to be able to fix it by swapping around a couple of wires rather than waiting  a few days for a new part to be made or waiting for a delivery from Amel (if they  have it).

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