Twisted chain - Amel 54

David Crisp

Since buying Wilna Grace in July I've been progressively working my way through her, one job being to take out the lovely stainless steel chain and inspect it. What I thought would be a quick job turned into a marathon.  I'd hauled out ~3 deck lengths when I discovered the rest of the chain remaining in the locker was twisted into a massive ball.  Sometime later I'd finally worked the chain onto the deck and had ~1.5 deck lengths of twisted chain.  I'm unclear why this twist should have built up or over what period of time.  Wilna Grace is 12 years old and I have reason to suspect the chain may not have been fully out for some time.

Never had this problem with my Super Maramu. Anyway from now on each year I shall make a point of finding some deep water and letting all the chain out!  Has anyone else experienced this twist problem?

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