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Hi Tom and Mark. I have used Polytrol with good results for decades and it does what they say it will. One caution. Painters absolutely hate this stuff. The reason Polytrol works so good is it is not a surface product . It really penetrates the surface and restores lost esters deep within polyester and other plasticized finishes. The makers state that any ammonia based cleaner will remove it but enough gets left behind when using only amonia that causes fish eyes and poor adhesion problems. Ask me how I know this.

If you use Polytrol ( and I still do ) be sure to tell your painter before permanently restoring any surface with new paint. There are special ( read expensive and deadly ) solvents that will remove it entirely. I have been told by painters that forgot more about surface preparation than I will ever know, if you sand a surface without removing Polytrol, it is likely you won’t be able to later get all the Polytrol out.

Just like most everything that does an outstanding job at something specific, there usually caveats associated with their useage .

This usually comes with experience. Shared experience makes our owners group as useful as it gets…


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Looks great!  I might have to give that a try.  I did find something called Polytrol on Amazon (

Is that what you used or did you use the "Marine Polytrol" found here:

Have you ever used it on the rub rail?  My SM2K Redline looks more like an SM2k Pinkline right now!

Mark McGovern
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Deale, MD USA

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