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Hi Eric.  They are 25mm across the base and12mm high.

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Hi Kent,

Thanks for the photos.

What are the dimensions of the seals?

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Hi Steve,

I paid 8.70€/M plus shipping. I’m not sure she has enough to do another boat.  She couldn’t tell me anything about it when I was placing my order.  Said she had Some of several different profiles that had been used over the years, and sent me the one she did based on my description and pic of my original.  It sounded like that may be the last of what she has.  It is a stock design that should be available considerable cheaper where ever you are (Hawaii?)


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Hi Kent,


What is Amel charging per meter for the material?





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I got the seals from Maud at Amel France.  They are half-round with a stiff bottom and what I think is neoprene rounded top.  The top is very soft and appears to be exactly the same as the originals.  The attached pics show the old (on the left) and new seals, the adhesive strips, and how Amel cut a small “V” at the site where the hinge bolt/washer/nut come close to the seal.  It is difficult to make the corners exact, I chose to add silicone caulk inside the corners and at the sites where the wedge was cut out to make room for the bolt.

Hardest part is reinstalling as it requires working on both sides of the hatch to tighten the hinge bolts.  Made easier by replacing the slot head bolts with Phillips heads.  Would be much easier with two people.

I will report again in a month or two to let you know how well it worked.


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