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ACMO will ship you what you need...they know what you need and have been doing this for a while. 

Regarding your question about substitutes of wire, etc., That needs to be answered by the 54's designer, Amel. I am sure their advice is to use the ACMO solution, since they worked out this solution with ACMO.

Hopefully, you are aware that the two intermediate shrouds also changed since the 54s introduction to 10mm, rather than 8mm.

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Further to the news that the Amel 54 should have 12mm aft lowers not 10mm and that the intermediates should be beefed up from 8mm to 10mm. I am now seriously working this out.
On the face of it I can order the replacement wire and fittings from ACMO in France and have it a week later. What worries me is that the pin sizes will increase (I guess)
This should be no problem at the bottom where there is a massive chainplate that I could drill out to accept the bigger pins but at the top at the spreader bases it will be tricky.
Has anyone been there and done this project?
What about sticking to 8mm and 10 mm but upgrading the wire quality to say Dyform? Dyform offers about 30% more strength than standard 1x19?
Any experts out there?
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