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Oliver Henrichsen, SV Vela Nautica


Yes I think my setup its a way to get rid of all the problems this old system had.

Yes I carry these parts double as spares because I run a prototype. In total its so much cheaper than one original pump so its no problem to carry spares. And the parts used are much smaller and lighter, while much more powerfull, than the original pumps.

The VESC speed controller is developed by Mr Vedder, a clever swedish, and used in many DIY and comercial scooters, scateboards, eSurfboards with much higher power demands than our little pump. So its a prooven system.

My fridge/freezer controller is part of the ship Computer system and connected to NMEA2K bus. The original thermostats are no more used. Instead precise electronic thermometers are in both devices. The controller checks on these thermometers and decides about cooling needs. If one unit is above set threshold the controller looks also for the other and if ever possible colls both at the same time. This will further reduce working time of the raw water pump.

The controller sends serial commands to the VESC. but the VESC is very versatile so its also possible to regulate it in a simple way

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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] A54 fridge circulation pump
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If possible, I'd love to see photos of this setup. It sounds like a brilliant solution.

Also, could you tell us more about the intelligent controller that tries to "bundle" when the compressors for your two fridges run?
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