Re: SM deck maintenance-Polytrol_ORIGINAL RAL COLOR for thin strips

John Clark

Hi Giovanni,

In 2017 I addressed the deck on Annie SM37.  The surface structure was sound but the colors had faded badly.  Made the boat look rather shabby.  

I used a cream colored Interlux paint(check forum for pictures of the container) for the former dark brown thin strips.  Bugel tool to apply the paint.  Surface preparation is important.  I cleaned the area to be painted with acetone followed by light sanding(following advice from L'Orient).  

For the tan or light brown part I was OK with the faded lighter shade, however there were some places were the brown was worn to the base white.  I touched these areas up by mixing small quantities of the cream paint with black brown and yellow color tint to match the local color.  I looked like a mad artist painting the deck.  But it worked just fine.

After two years I have had no problems with the painted areas.  No flaking, fading, color changes or other problems.  

Patrick, "Le Mayor du Ponton 4" in Marin has used Polytrol on his deck and recommended it highly. I watched him apply it and it renewed the appearance of his SM decks instantly.  

I would be interested in hearing reccomndations regarding the longevity of this product.  

SV Annie. SM 37
Brunswick GA

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019, 5:00 AM Giovanni TESTA <giovannitesta53@...> wrote:
Hi to all,
before Polytrol I need to re paint the dark brown thin stripes, do you know the original RAL ?
Many thanks
Giovanni TESTA
sv EUTIKIA SM2K n428
SM Leuca

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Eric- 2 cans does 3 coats. 

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