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James Alton


   After a season of using our new Mantus without a swivel, I have decided that for next season we will add a  Mantus swivel since we occassionally have a twist or two in the chain.  It would seem that the anchor would rotate and unwind any twists but  I have discovered that the Mantus anchor is quite sensitive to water flow when the boat is moving and orients itself with the claw portion towards the direction of flow.  This tendency apparently prevents the twists from unwinding. This means that if we are moving forward while raising the anchor, the anchor will contact the roller either upside down or sideways almost every time.  While the anchor will flip rightside up  (with a big bang) if you keep pulling I worry about damàge to the bow or having the anchor roll off of the side the roller.  I have found that if we are in reverse and moving at a knot and a half or more that the anchor has oriented itself right side up everytime so far.  It has also given me a lot of backing practice.   For those with a  Maramu,  I can say for sure that the anchor locker easily holds 100 meters of 8mm chain without any need to lay it out a particular way.  In fact I am going to increase that to 120 meters.  I am using the Aqua7 chain which is grade 70 and is supposed to be stronger than the grade 40 10mm.  I like the reduced weight and having a longer rode.

James Alton
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FWIW I never had a chain twist problem until I tried the arrangement described by Eamonn. With 10mm galvanised chain, three chain links followed by the kong swivel I immediately had twist problems and the chain wanted to jump off the gypsy. I put the kong swivel back on the (Mantus) anchor shank and the twist went away. My experience made me wonder if the kong swivel is only effective if one half is held rigid by the shank. It also made me consider switching to a Mantus swivel to avoid side loading the kong.
Did someone say that that anchors and anchoring are a black art?

Greg Shea
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In 5 years I never had twisted chain issues, with 80m galvanised chain, anchoring about 120 times a year in the past 3 years.

Amel supplied, shall we say, inferior anchors to what was available in the industry.  Could be they also supplied inferior swivels.  I guess they reason owners would upgrade to modern (spade, rocna, ultra) anchors and swivels.  I personally installed a spade anchor, with a bow shackle to 3 links of chain, then a kong swivel, then my 80m chain.  (The 3 links of chain avoid the swivel ever having a lateral load which would exceed its capabilities.)  

Regarding the stainless steel jumping on the gypsy, maybe it is because stainless steel stretches and some links don’t fit so well on the gypsy any more.  

Eamonn Washington
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