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smiles bernard

Thanks for this info James
Very helpful and very good timing as I’m almost ready to go on that cabin sole. 
I’m not sure I can source min wax in the uk but it looks like a reasonably standard non marine home polyurethane for interior use. We have a few non marine brands here I’ll check up in. Ronseal for example

Thanks for the warning re the strippers potential to mess with gel coat. I’m pleased to say we now have coppercoat antifouling so I definitely won’t be using it on the hull but it’s worked brilliantly on the cabin sole and other bits and pieces of wood trim

Out of interest::

Many thanks again and very best wishes

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   We have had good luck with the Min Wax Polyurathene on cabin soles and other high wear parts of yacht interiors.  The product is single part, low smell, wears well for a single part and is easy to sand and recoat when the time comes.  It does not have the best UV fesistance so I only use this product for down below projects.  A word of warning about strippers. We had to completely remove all of the gelcoat from the hull on a  customers 45' Ketch that was softened by a "gel coat safe" citrus based paint stripper that was left on the hull for an extended period of time.   So if you use a stripper I would  be careful to protect and rinse the gelcoat really well regardless of how safe the product is supposed to be.  Personally, I think protecting the gelcoat from heat and using a heat gun or a sharp scrapper as a a mechanical method such as dry scrapping would  be a better choice than a chemical stripper.

Best of luck,

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Hello fellow Amelians 
After over a year of solid family use my floors  are due a revarnish
I’ve found a great product for stripping the old varnish. Completely odourless and non toxic which is great for confined working spaces and works great. (Safe for grp too and can be used for antifould strip )

I’m still trying to figure out what to put on next and the process. 

My floorboards are a little stained so was planning a light rub down with 240 grit. Perhaps a team cleaner too?
Then revarnish. I’m only interested in single part options tbh so it would seem the main choices are:
- spar varnish for rapid build up followed by a harder wearing top layer or two such as epifanes rubbed effect
- polyurethane like that used in bowling alleys ie non marine specific but hard wearing
- an oil based option. I think sikens have a few options but I’m not sure it that’s at all suitable for interior 

Thoughts and expectations much appreciated

I’m leaning towards polyurethane but my only concern is how to ever remove it. I’m not keen on leaving the next keeper of sea Love a pig of a job when it comes to the next  cabin sole refurbishment 

All the very best
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