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James Alton

   The way I fix teak plywood that has been damaged is to find some teak of a smilar grain and colour to do the patching rather than to use just epoxy.  I rip the teak usually using a table saw to a thickness just a bit more that the original.  Cut my patch pcs. Slightly larger than the areas to be repaired.  I note and line up the grain direction when cutting these patch pcs.  Then I lay the patch pcs. Over the areas to be repaired and mark with a fine pencil. A sharp chiesel and some patience should give you a tight fitting pc.  Epoxy in place,  cure and then plane/scrap or sand to thickness.  


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Many thanks Denise 👍

On a few places on the cabin sole the ply has chipped at locker edges. Has anyone experience of how to fix this?
I was thinking of colouring as necessary then building up the height with a little epoxy before applying the varnish / polyurethane 

If so how best to thicken the epoxy to fill the chipped gaps but still remaining ‘clear’

Thanks again 


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We used Waterlox on a 40 year old cabin sole with beautiful results.  

An big advantage is that you can re-coat at any time to build the finish,  fix a problem spot, or give a refresh.

Good luck!
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