Battery Chargers


Hi All!  Great to see/meet so many of you at Annapolis this weekend.

I am looking for a new battery charger.  I have 8 group 31 Crown 130 AHr batteries for 520AHr bank at 24 V.DC.  They require equalizing at 31V for 1-4 hours periodically.  My Victron Skylla-i 80 amp charger has died and won’t be back from repair facility until after we leave.  It wasn’t ideal because of safety limits built in that don’t allow it to adequately desulfate my bank.
 I’m looking for a 80-100 A charger that will do what I need it to do and will allow equalization to be started/stopped from the remote panel.  Victron and MasterVolt don’t have that remote function.  Im considering a change to Lithium, but am not ready to pull the trigger’d be better if my new charger would also work on a Lithium system if/when I make the switch.
  I’ve found two that look like they will do what I want , NEWMAR and MAGNUM.  Does anyone have experience with these brands?  Any other recommendations?

thanks for you thoughts.
Kent & Iris
SM 243

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