Re: Companion way for removal

Scott SV Tengah

Hi Miles,

I just did this job. Assuming the Maramu is similar to the A54, you just need to remove the small rectangular sheet of plywood that keeps the door from going too low. With it removed, you can drop the door far enough to replace the weather seal. I went nuts and removed the companionway steps - this is unnecessary unless you want to clean behind them while you're at it!

If you close the door from the inside and look near the bottom of the door, there should be screws and bolts securing a rectangular piece of plywood, which itself is behind/aft of the companionway door. On ours, it's held by 3 wood screws and 2 bolts. Careful with the bolts as they have tiny nuts which you may lose as you're removing them.

We just sanded the veneer with the door in-situ. If you want to remove the door completely, I think you need to remove the hard dodger. Hope this helps. 

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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