Water in Forward Head Bilge and Bow Thruster

Thomas Peacock

We have struggled on and off with small amounts of water in the bilge due to ingress from the bow thruster. At times perfectly dry, other times not so. Refining the hard seal seemed to help (the hole for the thruster had been modified by the previous owner).
One month ago we installed the special silicon seal that had been developed by Jose of Ipanema. This weekend (first at sea since then) I was distressed to see about one liter of water in the bilge. However, on closer inspection, the thruster area was bone dry (thank you, Jose). Further inspection showed the leak to be coming from the anchor wash pump, which had a disintegrating gasket. Very slow leak if the head through-hull is open, more vigorous when the pump was actuated. 
Just an FYI for all. Not all water in the forward bilge is from the thruster. Beware of false assumptions.

Tom Peacock
SM #240 Aletes
Chesapeake Bay, US
Departing for Martinique November 3

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