Re: Polar Diagram for Super Maramu


Thanks. I've sent an email to USSAILING.ORG (formerly USYRU) to see
if they have a 'Performance Package' on the Super Maramu. They have
quite an extensive database of yachts with this performance data
computed but I couldn't find any Amels on their list. Their standard
non-member fee is $200 but I don't know if that requires an actual
hull to measure, etc.

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A couple of years ago I asked La Rochelle if they would share the
polar diagram. They said they did not have any.
As a user of MaxSea (Navigation Software developped
by "Informatique
& Mer", I then turned to Informatique & Mer who also said they did
not have it. I too would be very interested in the diagram.

Any computer wizard/descent helmsman out there in Amel Land able to
plug a PC to the B & G and read/update in real time the boat & wind
speeds and wind angle?

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Has anyone seen, or had developed, polar diagrams for the Super
Maramu? I'd be interested in seeing them, if you have them and
share them. I believe there's commerical software that there
will produce these diagrams that'll predict how fast the boat
will/should go given wind speed and wind angle.
SM #5 Spice

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