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I read that the product you used has a paper backing. Was this removed for installation?
What did you use for glue or cement? 
Were you able to get the new veneer between the door and the outside trim?

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We used this veneer, ordered through Amazon. 

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To apply laminate contact cement is used. Please remember to let both  surfaces dry before joining the laminate to the door,

When the two touch they cannot be separated, be careful.. I chose Formica brand laminate only because it looks closest to teak here in the USA. Just pick the one that you like, they are all basically the same. Just be sure to get the thicker variety of the laminate. Although the look is identical they often come in a very thin and a thicker style.

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Eric- that looks awesome and has inspired us to put this project on the list. Can you describe the glue you used and did you consider any other faux veneers ?

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