Permanent 24 v to 12 v converter

Paul Osterberg

I’m surprised about the function of the Permanent 24 v to 12 v converter. If I understand it right the only original function is to keep the memory in the FM/AM radio even when the main switch is off.

The current when it is on is ca 0,5 volt, that is a lot of Ah during a day, or during a two-week crossing it’s close to 165Ah. That is a lot of waste unless you regularly run your gen set but we try to rely on solar.

The only way to turn it off is to pull out the fuse. To me that is overkill to have such a heavy-duty converter for such a little use.

 When my friend changes his car battery, he connects an ordinary 9 volt battery to the stereo and that is enough to keep the memory.

I have connected some 12 v appliances to the permanent converter, 12v led light in the galley, and a few USB outlets.

Have I missed anything about the function of the Permanent converter?

Paul on SY Kerpa SAM#259 Lagos

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