Re: SM2K: Replacing a CLIMMA 9EH AC unit in the Salon #replacement

Matt Salatino

We lived aboard our previous boat in Florida. Air conditioning was a requirement, running pretty much non-stop through the summer. In 18 years, we went through 3 brands. Marine air was the first. It lasted 7 years, with several control board failures, two capacitive start failures, and the final straw, a compressor failure. I tried to economize on the second one. It lasted 4 years, first with a fan motor failure, a reversing valve failure, with a factory defect in a cable shorting the unit and causing catastrophic failure.
I then went for the best unit I could find. I bought a Mermaid Air, because of good reviews from a friend, and a 5 year warranty. It’s been doing fine for 5 years, so far. I sold the boat with it still working.


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Our CLIMMA 9EH AC unit in the Salon of SM2K #417 has failed. The compressor has a ground fault and trips the GFI.
Has anyone successfully replaced the unit or rebuilt the compressor?
We are currently not on the boat.
Does the Webasto Blue Cool S S10-R-230VREV (10k BTU) or even the S13-R-230V (13k BTU) unit fit in the available space under the salon bench?
At the Annapolis sailboat show a vendor with a good reputation in the Marine AC business recommended the "Marine Air"  built in China as a viable replacement.
Does anyone have experiences with either one?

Thank you in advance & with kind regards
Michael & Robyn
SY RIPPLE SM2K#417 currently in Brunswick, GA

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