Re: Twisted chain - Amel 54

Lior Keydar <sharona246@...>

Dear David

Last year I replaced my old galvanized chain with a new (galvanized) one. the new chain got often twisted and stuck when I released it. I searched a long time for the reason.
After a while I released out all the chain in the marina and the last 20 m was completely twisted. I untwisted it and took it back in and saw in the chain locker that it is coming in correct. I think I found the reason why it happen. As I release the chain it goes out without a pressure (no weight) and the chain twists around the swivel and even stuck sometimes. When I take the chain back in, it comes correct because it is always under the pressure of the chain weight. Every time I anchored, it was twisted a bit more (out twisted, in not twisted). After using the the for a while it got better and it happen more selten. Maybe it happen when the chain is new and after using it for a while, the chain get the right form. You can see in the two small movies what I mean.

Best regards
Lior A54 #18

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