Re: New Genoa sail for Amel 54

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Alan,

I cant agree that a rope insert is a viable option. I have had it foisted on me by sailmakers in the past. It does not do the job. A properly made foam insert is tapered at the ends and full in the middle. This takes up the fullness in the center of the sail and maintains good sail shape.It is important that the thickness of the foam is comensurate with the cut of the sail.



SM 299

Ocean Pearl   

On 15 October 2019 at 20:11 Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@...> wrote:

If you intend to sail with the genoa partly furled you definitely need a foam or rope luff insert.
Even with these the sail shape is not great when furled but it's definitely better than not having it.
The sail shape doesn't look too bad from the cockpit, but have a look at a yacht sailing behind you with a furled genoa and you'll see how baggy it is, whoich wehne the breeze gets up, is exactly what you don't want!
Elyse SM437

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