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Hi Barry

Thanks for sharing your experience, great Job done! But I can not see the photos. There is no photos attached or on the photo section.? 
Maybe the upload did'nt work or some problems on the ??

Best regards, Ruedi 
Amel 54. #55
Marina di Ragusa 

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Hi, Barry from Amel 54 #17

As already discussed in these topics like Amel 54 main mast sealMast foot rubber seal pad or Mast foot rubber seal pad I replaced my main mast pad in Hyeres. 

Amel Hyeres could not do the work due to schedule and recommended, contacts Adeline and Didier. At first they quoted for and wanted to remove the complete mast and then replace the seal/pad and put the mainmast back in place. That would mean disconnecting all electrical and data cables from the mast. I had checked and saw that all electrical and other cables going up the mast had slack enough for raising the mast a few inches, more than 50mm slack.

Having read that the pad could be replaced by just raising the mast couple inches (40mm) I convinced them to do this instead of taking the whole mast down.

Firstly all the rigging was marked and then loosened. The crane operator then began to raise the mast mm by mm. When the mast was high enough to get the small screwdrivers and picks under we removed all the bits from the old pad. Then we used scouring pads to smooth the bottom of the mast and deck.

As we had to cut the pad to get it around the 2 collars going into the deck from the mast bottom that the wiring goes through we had to permanently seal the pad where we made the cuts with 3M 5200. The mast was then lowered and the stays were tightened to the marked positions. The lifting, putting the new pad under the mast and lowering took no more than 1 hour, the preparation took a few hours and the re-tightening took also a few hours.

The crane operator was a pro and had a very precise lifting crane, wind was blowing about 15 to 20 knots from the dock side, we kept an eye on the dockside main stay tension which we did not completely loosen during the lift. The mast was lifted with strap attached mid height and secured at the bottom, completely vertical lift.

Didier and rigger Steve had not done this before, they now know how to do it. My cost was just under €2,000, I think that they can do it for less now that they know how. I bought the pad from Sonja at Amel Hyeres.

I have attached some photos of the work and what my old pad looked like when it came out from under the mast.

Sonja of Amel Hyeres also suppled me a new upgraded deck stem attachment for my main furler, the original attachment by Amel in 2006 was only 6mm and the new stainless steel attachment was now 10mm. This was replaced by Didier and Steve. 

Thanks to Mohammad of B & B Kokomo who had upgraded his furlers, he sent me his old staysail furler which showed very little use, this is installed now as my main furler with mine now stowed as a spare. Amel Hyeres were able to supply me with 2 spare belts for these furlers. Labour cost for all this €2,000. I would recommend that you mark the rigging screw with some paint rather than electrical tape before starting to loosen the rigging.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Best Regards to all.

Barry and Penny
"S/V Lady Penelope II'
Amel 54. #17
Almerimar Marina,  Spain
On route to Caribbean

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