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Hi Dieter,

 We apply beeswax  to the companionway door generously every time we lay the boat up. We also have a winter cover which stops sunlight falling directly on it.  After 19 years the laminate still holds but it won't last forever.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Laying up in Kilada, Greece

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Thanks Eric,
I was thinking of maybe someone invented a wax with particles in it to protect a surface from being destroyed by UV. Could be a big market. The mention of automobile supply is very helpful. 
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Dear Dieter,

I just use a UV  preventive hard wax. I get it at an automotive supply.

I believe a number of members use Polytrol on the decks. After reading Joel Potters comments, I thought I should also use it.

However when I went to their website they have 2 Polytrol s listed . One regular and one Marine.

I called them today and asked what was the difference.

They said it is the same stuff with different labels.

I guess so the chandleries can get more for it. It also costs the same.

Fair Winds


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Hi Eric,

you mention the use of wax to block the UV on the Formica. 

I am curious what wax did you use and also if it can be used to prevent the gelcoat from bleaching?
All the best


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Am 13.10.2019 um 04:10 schrieb eric freedman <kimberlite@...>:

Hi Miles,

I wanted to replace the veneer on Kimberlites companionway and replace it with laminate.

To get to the entire door off  you have to remove the hard dodger.—NO WAY--

I removed the stop and blocked the companionway door all the way up till it touched the dodger. I then made a rail the height of the side trim.

Using these rails and a router I was able to get to  the edges of the door. Of course the veneer that is under the trim cannot be replaced but it cannot be seen. I then routed the entire door and applied the laminate- I used Formica brand color teak. Seven years and it is still holding up. However it is important to use wax to block the UV on the Formica.

Pictures attached.

Fair Winds


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