Re: Access behind the Eno Stove Oven

Arno Luijten

Hi Soraya,

I did this as well. Make sure you remove the stainless guard tube in front before removal. Next use books or whatever to put under the stove to take the weight off the hinges. The gimbal-hinges are just bolts that go right trough the walls adjacent of the stove. You will need a few spanners to remove the in-between-nuts on the bolts.

The biggest problem is the thing is heavy. It may be too heavy for you to take the weight alone and there is not much space to take it with two persons. This is why the weight support is important.
Getting the thing back is trick as you have to align the holes for the bolts and insert nuts between the stove and the adjacent wall.
You may want to replace the flexible hose as well if you can get one. The orange ones normally need to be replaced every 5 years (insurance).

Careful when handling the oven door. I managed to break the glass and had to replace the whole stove in the end. As it looked quite bad anyway it was no great loss.


SV Luna,

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