Re: Onan MDKD 6.5kW genset exhaust elbow

Karen Smith


From the local Onan dealer we were quoted $1600, still pretty crazy.

The internal geometry of the part is complex, with a partial water jacket, and they are typically investment cast.  There is a shop that will make the molds, but they need a part to cut open so they can measure and duplicate the internal geometry, and it takes a minimum of 8 weeks. If we could find an old one, we'd start that process while ours is still limping along.  

We were lucky--this time--that the salt water spray from the leaking elbow didn't hit anything fragile or important. It could easily have soaked and destroyed our battery charger, or the electrical end of the generator.  We do not consider JBWeld to be anything other than a very short term emergency repair to be made right as soon as possible, however that is done.

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