Re: SM2K: Replacing a CLIMMA 9EH AC unit in the Salon #replacement



Congratulations! I know the SMs on either side of 476. 

BTW, I travel the world. I have clients in France, all of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, USA, and many other places. I travelled to New Caledonia to train an owner new to Amel.

If it is impossible to repair (I doubt that), I would buy another Climma Compact Unit. Climma Compact Units routinely last 20 years, yet there are those that change brands because if failed. Climma and Frigoboat, both VECO companies, were Henri Amels choice. I think he was right.

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On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 8:59 AM Nicolas Klene via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hello Everybody
I am please to annonce that since this morning , I am the proud owner of the SM n° 476 ! My first ever boat !
It comes with a broken Climma 9EH AC unit in the salon as suspected  by Olivier during the survey ! 
It might only be the compressor, but a technicien suggested to change it all.
I will look into the Webasto unit 
Bill I wished you lived in the south of France, I have sooo much to lurn  !

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