Re: Fuel tank

Wade Shikoski

I recently pulled the fuel tank on my 83 maramu. I had an unknown leak at the forward end of it that had rotted a small section of the companionway bulkhead just to the left (starboard) of the stoop. I was worried about the integrity of the tank and needed to make repairs to the bulkhead and inspect the tank. After pulling the tank I was able to determine that the cause of the leak was a kink in the metal return line hose that had been leaking. I believe this occurred a number of years ago when the previous owner installed a 110V switch board above the tank at this location. Over time the leaking hose had soaked into the bulkhead. I pulled the tank and cut out the damaged section of bulkhead, ground back any delaminated tabbing and reinstalled a new section of the bulkhead using oversized peyson joints on both sides of the bulkhead. 

Regarding your question, I can explain exactly how I removed my tank and would be happy to talk with you in person and walk you through the process. I also have extensive pictures I could provide. In summary, I had to remove a 100V pannel that was located above the tank, then removed the top board and facing and the lower retaining board. Once free there is a vent in the aft back corner that needs to be removed, the return line in the forward back corner and the fill hose. Also the lower forward supply line must be disconnected. After that you will need 2 big guys to muscle the tank out. I moved mine to the saloon area alone but would not do that again as the tank is shaped to the hull with the lower portion of it being only approx 6" wide. It will try to fall over very easily. 

 Regarding additional removal of saloon cabinetry to prep to move the tank. You will need to unbolt the liquor cabinet from the main area and move it over towards the port seats. I dont believe you will need to remove either the stairs or starboard grab rail that is beside the stairs. I did not need to do that in order to move my tank into the saloon. After careful inspection of my tank and determining the cause of my leak I decided not to remove the tank from the boat but just move it into the saloon while repairs to the bulkhead were being completed. However, I considered moving it out of the boat in order to get it pressure tested and cleaned. Therefore, I did measure the tank and companionway entrance to determine if it was possible. I believe I would have needed to remove the companionway sliding door in order to have enough clearance to get the tank all the way out of the boat. 

pls feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss further or would like pictures of the process. you can email me at N2everythg at yahoo

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