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James Alton


  In my case, I found that the only problem areas of my tank were in the welded areas of the front of the tank.  The rest of the tank (and especially the bottom which was a relief) was essentially perfect.    I was able to move the tank inboard with the tank still in the pass thru area to the aft cabin and have the cracks welded.  It might be worth having a close look at your tank before building a new one.  I was able to move the tank around myself with some well placed blocks, it isn't terribly heavy.  Completely removing the tank in one pc. Appears to be possible with removal of some of the interior and possibly the hardtop but best to talk to someone that has done it.

Best of luck,
James SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Fuel tank

Hello Group
This is Thomas Deasy S/Y Aphrodite
1983 Maramu #125
I have a leak in my fuel tank and I will be replacing it !!
Any information on taking the old one out and replacing with a new one would be appreciated. I remember reading that it can be taken out but don’t know what needs to be removed to do this?

Such as the island cabinet in the main cabin, stairs, hand rail, hard dodger? I am on the hard in Cartagena Columbia and receiving bids for a new tank. The only change I would like would be clean out ports.
Thanks for any ideas Tom Deasy

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