Re: Have I lost the bow thruster prop ?

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hi Nick,

Replacing the prop in water is an easy task; best done by a diver.

If you have the Amel spare, it came with a new hub.  Remove the old hub by unscrewing the nylon bolts.  Note the shear is still in good condition...

Replace with now propeller,

NOTE: on our boat we apply rigorously the 2 second rule between toggling P or S.  this ensures the prop is fully stopped before powering in the other direction.  Lost 2 props in the learning days.... no more since “the rule”.

Jean-Pierre Germain, SY Eleuthera, SM007, Fiji.

On 20 Oct 2019, at 08:52, Nicolas Klene via Groups.Io <laixoi@...> wrote:

Thank you john, i'll look for the replacement kit on board or order it after double checking if the prop is still there...
Is the  replacement procedure documented in the boat manual (with part needed and tools ? )
I'm not on board...
Port Corbieres
Near Marseille

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