Re: Have I lost the bow thruster prop ?



The Bow thruster Propellor, Delrin (looks like nylon) Hub may be cut through by stainless steel pin.

It is likely that either you or someone before you damaged the hub by reversing the propellor from Port to Starboard without waiting 2 seconds. If this is done repeatedly, the pin will cut through the hub. I have never seen it cut all of the way around, but it is possible.

If it is NOT the Hub, it is likely the Bow Thruster gears inside the Foot of the bow thruster, or something else. You'll need to remove the Bow Thruster and investigate. Alex on s/v NIKIMAT completed an overhaul and documented it very well here:

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On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 2:42 PM John Clark <john.biohead@...> wrote:
Hi Nicole,
    Sounds like you lost the prop.  Same thing happened to me in St Thomas while turning 180 degrees in a tight marina.  

If you have the bow thruster kit and calm water you can remove the lower unit and replace the prop in about an hour.  Quicker after you figure out how to do it.  I replaced ours at anchor with no hiccups.  Always carry a Amel spare not the knock off copies.

If the water is clear you should be able to see the prop when it is deployed....

Regards, John

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On Sat, Oct 19, 2019, 3:30 PM Nicolas Klene via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hello everybody

Today was my first sea trial to ferry SM471 to it's new home , and before exiting the rather large and peaceful port of "Le Frioul",
I thought I would be a good idea to pratice a few strait  line in reverse using the bow thruster in burst of 6 to 8 sec (rather then 2 or 3 sec ??) when needed.The wind was 15~20 KTS  gusting 30 .
After 20 good minutes of practice ,actionning the bow thruster control was no longer moving the bow ,but we could hear the motor running !!
Any thoughts, short of diving under without a wetsuit ?

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