Re: Have I lost the bow thruster prop ?


Nick, more than likely lost the prop as John has indicated. I might suggest you deeply consider engaging Bill Rouse to take his excellent training course that should be required for all purchasers of ‘new to them’ Amel brokerage sailboats. I have been selling Amel boats since 1981 and Bill’s course is absolutely the best value for the money you spend for the training than anything else you could do on your ‘new to you’ Amel SM 53. Seriously , your learning curve will be enhanced like having owned the boat for more than a year. His book shows all the maintainable systems and how to accomplish repairs to all the serviceable components. There are many other benefits to his program and I am sure that anyone who has taken the course would highly recommend it. No, he is not my Uncle and I get nothing for my recommendation. I urge all my Amel buyers tio take his course and I pay for a forth day of school out of my pocket to encourage them to take the course. You will never regret it. His email address is above in the cc box.


Good luck with your Amel!


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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Have I lost the bow thruster prop ?


Hello everybody

Today was my first sea trial to ferry SM471 to it's new home , and before exiting the rather large and peaceful port of "Le Frioul",
I thought I would be a good idea to pratice a few strait  line in reverse using the bow thruster in burst of 6 to 8 sec (rather then 2 or 3 sec ??) when needed.The wind was 15~20 KTS  gusting 30 .
After 20 good minutes of practice ,actionning the bow thruster control was no longer moving the bow ,but we could hear the motor running !!
Any thoughts, short of diving under without a wetsuit ?

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