Re: Fuel tank

Andy Croney

Hi Tom,

It is not such a daunting project as you may think.

We did remove and replace our tank ( we had one custom fabricated to the exact same dimensions , however with the addition of inspection ports , to replace the old one ) - we also included a simple fuel level indicator in the walk thru.

We have a 1980 Maramu, so no electrical panels above the tank.
All parties involved with the removal and Re-installation process praised Amel for having the forethought to enable the fuel tank to be removed in one piece from the boat, without too much work.

The only thing we needed to remove was the starboard hand rail on the companion way.

With three people we were able to manhandle the tank into the saloon , over the Nav desk and resting on the saloon table then into the cockpit via the companionway and onto the dock - I believe we might have needed to remove one stay to facilitate this ??

No need to remove anything further.
But plenty of heavy blankets , bible wrap , etc , as protection to the wood work , should be in place before removal.

We went the route of replacing the tank after all the effort of removal. It just seemed to make more sense and are happy to have a new clean stainless steel tank .

On another note , we have seen other Maramu’s who have replaced the tank with a shorter tank , giving them more space in the walk Thru albeit with lower tankage. Something you might want to consider.

We have photos somewhere of the procedure if you are interested.

Good luck !!

All the best

SV Paladin, #75

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