Re: Super Maramu stern bumper painting

Thomas Peacock

We’ve had pretty good luck with Flex-Seal. It’s a line of products that includes paint, filler, and glue. One year out we have a couple of chips, about to touch up. It is a little slippery when you stand on it, was thinking of adding a non-slip texture to the paint next time.

Tom Peacock
SM #240 Aletes
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On Oct 19, 2019, at 6:27 PM, James Cromie via Groups.Io <jamescromie@...> wrote:

Hello everyone.  
I am planning on repainting the stern bumper for my SM 53.  I previously sanded it down and painted with polyurethane.  That lasted about a month!  
Admittedly, I didn't use a primer... and perhaps that is the main error.  

Who has repainted their bumper, and with what products?   I am considering an epoxy primer this time.  

Many Thanks. 

Soteria SM2000 347

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