Re: Have I lost the bow thruster prop ?

John Clark

Hi Nick,
    sorry for addressing you as Nicole in my last.  Darn spell-check and lack of proofreading...   The "manual" I received with Annie was in French and was mostly an engineering description of the vessel.  I learned how to use the Amel bow thruster service kit from this Amel Owners Forum.   Do a search of "bow thruster" and I am sure you will find written instructions. 

That said,  I am sure Bill Rouse's Amel textbook has a detailed set of instructions on how to drop and retrieve the bow thruster or as Bill himself suggested check out Alex's website for Super Maramu Nikimat.

I hope, and I do expect, that you simply lost the propeller.  It is an easy repair.  Some complaint that the Amel bow thruster is too exposed and prone to damage, perhaps true....but it is also so robustly designed and easy to service that it rarely requires a professional. My SM is 30 years old and is running on her original bow thruster parts...with the obvious exception of the prop.  Change the oil regularly and it will last almost forever.   This is true of almost all Amels of the SM vintage. 
The previous owner of Annie (FMR Vent de Soliel) had her for 16 years and stressed to me that regular greasing was the key to the vessel's health.  After purchase I sailed her for two years all around the Caribbean.  The only issues I had were with parts that were not lubricated so I give a lot of credence to his advice.   Those that failed were for the most part "sealed" so I cannot blame the previous owner.   As recommended in the forum I have since modified some parts(furling gears) to accept grease via zirc fittings, and others I have placed on a maintenance schedule to disassemble and clean regularly...similar to winch maintenance.   

Getting a grasp of the key maintenance items on your vessel will save you a lot of time, headache and money.  Take a few days to get intimate with the forum archives....or invite Bill to France....

Regards,  John

SV Annie SM 37
Brunswick GA....hopefully soon to be at sea again

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 4:52 PM Nicolas Klene via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Thank you john, i'll look for the replacement kit on board or order it after double checking if the prop is still there...
Is the  replacement procedure documented in the boat manual (with part needed and tools ? )
I'm not on board...
Port Corbieres
Near Marseille

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