Outhaul on Supermaramu

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Subject: Outhaul on Supermaramu
Hi Bill,

 On page 30 of your excellent ( May 2019)  Amel book appears a photo of the drive arm which connects the gearbox to the Andersen winch. On that arm is a bronze bushing.

 Can you explain where this bushing fits ?  Presumably it is not part of the gearbox ? Does that mean that it sits in the boom itself and helps to keep the drive arm in place rather than placing all the stress on the bolt which attaches the drive arm to the winch?

 The reason I ask is that since my drive arm was replaced in 2009 the four bolts attaching the bearbox to the bracket on the boom have worked to elongate the holes in the bracket.  I am about to dismount the boom, detach the arm and gearbox and have a new floor fitted to bracket with new holes drilled.   I am half expecting to find that when the drive arm was fitted in 2009 ( no names mentioned--but it wasn't me ! ) the bush was omitted and that has resulted in the wear on the bracket.

 Anyone else had a similar problem ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kilada, Greece

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