Electric heads on Supermaramu

ianjenkins1946 <ianjudyjenkins@hotmail.com>

Hi all,

We have a rather selfish approach to guests, namely that we most enjoy their company when they stay ashore in an AirBnB and come day sailing.  Occasionally we bend this rule . Alas, one of our good friends has become very large with age  and after his recent spell on board  the base of  one of our 19 year old  WCs has suffered terminal damage.

 We were really sceptical when our Amel came with electric heads but they have proved more reliable and needing less maintenance than any manual heads we have had in the past.

 The damage suffered is cracking of the base around the bolts which hold it to the floor. Unfortunately, Jabsco no longer make the Base Assembly Part No: 37004-1000 ( at least, it is no longer available in the UK).
The replacement, needless to say, has bolt holes in different places to the original. Other than that, it seems that it works as a replacement.

Has anyone experience  of replacing these heads ? When you remove the old base, what is underneath it? Is there a hole which allows you to gain sufficient access to fix in place the nuts to which the new base is bolted ?  Is some form of reinforcement needed to the floor ? How to fix the nuts so that they stay in place ?

I had though of trying to reinforce the cracks and continue to use the existing base, but there is little material to work on and I suspect that would prove a short term solution.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 ,Kilada,Greece

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