Re: Electric heads on Supermaramu


I had the same problem Ian.  I did a “temporary” fix with a piece of 1/2” Starboard shaped to span the holes where the break is.  To complicate matters further, one of the bolts was seized to the mild steel backing plate and I broke the head off trying to get it out.  The backing plate is quite a bit below the surface, and drilling it out left a hole that was impossible to rethread.  I used a Mr Toggle bolt which leaves a reusable female thread below the old backing plate.  It has held up beautifully for ~4 years...we’ll, maybe not aesthetically, but pretty is as pretty does.

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Well I have not yet bought the new head just decided, that is probably the best option. The reason for the inspection hatch was to get access to the bolt heads below the surface as one of the holes was "enlarged" and had no thread. But to no good for this time as the hole to fasten the head was down into a hollow beam so no access, but next time it will be easy to attache the new head with the hatch in place.

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