Amel Euros 41 1976 - Steering Wheel Removal Confusion

Andrew Eaves <andyeaves@...>

Hello all,

This is my first post on what will be a long term project boat. It's working and sailing but it needs some love and attention after the previous owner just found it too much for him at his stage in life. 

Thus my first question I hope you can help me with please.

The steering is moving in/out and I am trying to disassemble to see what's going on. The sprocket looks to have a possible aftermarket bolt drilled (removed from the pic) to hold it onto the shaft, but it's not budging anyway. However I can't see how to release on the other side (steering wheel). 

There is a bolt/screw underneath the steering but that too is rock solid. Should it turn/pull if so what for?

Many thanks in advance for any help received.


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